Schools Liaison Officer

Prior to 2007, a recognized Navy-wide program addressing the educational needs of Navy families did not exist. Installation commanders often made decisions impacting quality of life for families without support from child and youth program personnel. To help commanders in this area, School Liaison Officers (SLOs) were hired as non-appropriated funds employees to work in the Navy child and youth programs worldwide at either the installation or the Navy region level, depending on the mission requirements at each location.

Critical duties of the School Liaison Officer include:

  • Facilitating communication between local school authorities and senior leadership to ensure school issues are addressed and resolved at the lowest practical level.
  • Advocating for the educational needs of military children by working cooperatively with installation and community organizations and school district leadership, educating school personnel and community organizations on school issues affecting military children and attending local school board meetings, school advisory council meetings, ombudsman assemblies, and other installation and community organizations’ meetings, as appropriate.
  • SLOs serve as an installation’s point of contact for local child and youth education services in seven core areas: School Transition Support - permanent change of station cycle, Deployment Support, Special Education System Navigation, Installation, School, and Community Communications, Partnerships in Education, Home-School Linkage and Support, and Post-secondary Preparation.

SLOs Help Parents Navigate the Special Needs System. Parents remain the first and primary advocates for the rights and needs of their children with special needs. SLOs offer support by providing access to information about programs and services, referring families to special education professionals, and helping families navigate the administrative systems within local education agencies. Providing these services enables parents to make informed decisions for their children.

There is no list of approved schools by the Department of State, however, NDSP does publish several lists  of state assisted schools.

Schools Liaison Officer contact information:

Navy Region Center Singapore
PSC 470, BOX 4350
FPO, AP 96534
Phone: +65 6752-8451
DSN: 315-421-2319
Office Location: 213 Lagos Circle, 758761
Office Hours: 0900-1800