FFR - Fleet and Family Readiness

Fleet and Family Readiness (FFR) in Singapore is responsible for policy development, resourcing and oversight of quality of life programs for Sailors and their families. The mission of the FFR team is to maximize the physical, emotional and social development of the Navy family.

Singapore Area Coordinator Community Information:

Director, FFR Business Office
Phone: (65) 6750-2330
DSN: 315-421-2330
Director, MWR Recreation
Phone: (65) 6750-2733
DSN: 315-421-2733
Director, Navy Fitness
Phone: (65) 6750-2482
DSN: 315-421-2718
Director, Child & Youth Program
Phone: (65) 6752-8451
DSN: 315-421-2319
Specialist, Fleet and Family Services
Phone: (65) 6750-2314
DSN: 315-421-2314
Manager, Food and Beverage Service
Phone: (65) 6750-3691
DSN: 315-421-3691
Fleet Fitness Center
Phone: (65) 6750-2482